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3.Children's Rights & The Media

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The Effects of Media On Young People

Many studies have been carried out on the effects of media — violence in the media, in particular — on children.  Some experts, like University of Michigan professor L Rowell Huesmann (2000), argue that fifty years of evidence show that

Huesmann quoted

Others, however, like Jonathan Freedman of the University of Toronto, maintain that “the scientific evidence simply does not show that watching violence either produces violence in people, or desensitizes them to it”.

The proliferation and globalisation of media are among the defining features of contemporary youth culture. In many countries, young people have access to a greater number of multi-media choices than ever before — conventional, satellite and cable TV channels; radio stations; newspapers and magazines; the internet, and computer and video games. Today there is greater availability of foreign programming and media, and less official censorship and control in many parts of the world. Information, email and images flow around the world faster and more freely than ever. Issues of protection as well as participation need to be considered.

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