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Welcome to the DIT Education for everyone Database :
case studies celebrating activities that encourage student participation
This ever-increasing collection of case studies forms part of the roll out of the DIT widening participation strategy (approved in February 2010).  Each short case study contained in this database describes what teaching staff do/have done to enhance the learning experience for all their students with a view to contributing to successful student participation.
Here you will find ideas, practical solutions and lessons learned as well as contact information so you can find out more.

Case studies explore strategies that can work to support a diverse student population or to better support targeted student groups such as

Socio-economically disadvantaged students (including students who have come into higher education via an access route);

Mature students;

Students with disabilities (learning and/or physical);

Ethnic Minority students (eg Refugees, Asylum Seekers from Africa and Asia, for example);

Students from traveller communities

Part-time students

Students learning by working with off-campus communities

Young adult (18 - 21 years)

If you would like to contribute a case study, please either get in touch directly with the relevant  DIT staff listed below to talk through your case study or download the database Proforma and forward on your completed form for uploading to the database.

Jen Harvey, Learning Teaching and Technology Centre - jen.harvey@dit.ie
Julie Bernard, Access Office – Julie.Bernard@dit.ie  
Bob O Mhurcu, Mature Students -  ms.info@dit.ie
Stephen Long,  Students with Disabilities stephen.long@dit.ie
Catherine Bates,  Students learning with communities catherine.bates@dit.ie